Thursday, October 30, 2014

Organix Beauty: "Not tested on animals"?

Hi everyone! For my first company related post on this blog, I wanted to start with one of the first companies I ever emailed regarding their stance on animal testing. I got my template from Humanely-Chic - one of my favorite cruelty-free blogs - and edited it from there. I will eventually make my own, but those questions suffice for me right now. I contacted them after seeing on Peta that they were not cruelty-free, which confused me since their products state that they are Not tested on animals. I was hoping there must have been a mistake because I use(d) their conditioner, hair serum, and lotion. Their products were a big part of my daily routine.

They replied the next day, which I very much appreciated! Here's what it read:

Hi Breanna,

Thanks for contacting us! Vogue International does not itself conduct or request others to perform animal testing in order to substantiate the safety or efficacy of any of our products or raw ingredients. Given that there are countries that require animal testing by law, we do our best to respect governing law and regulations set by that governing body while encouraging alternative methods and helping to bring about change from within. We are pursuing opportunities to influence others on alternative methods and work towards our long term goal of the elimination of animal testing worldwide.  We understand that you may not agree with our decision and we respect your right to choose the best products for you.


Customer Service
After reading that, I knew I couldn't use their products anymore. From this email, I gathered that even though they might not personally test their raw or finished ingredients or products on animals, they must be selling in China. Their products still say they don't test on animals which is very misleading, and I tweeted them pointing that out but never got a response. I found some new hair products and will be reviewing them in my next post. Thanks for reading!

Lots of light,

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