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Petit Vour Beauty-Box: October 2014

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to write about my first Petit Vour box. This month it's called Beauty Thrillers. I am a huge fan of beauty boxes/bags like Ipsy and Birchbox; I love the concept of getting samples every month for $10-$15 and getting discounts on the products and after some research I decided on doing Ipsy for the past few months. Ipsy gives you the option of choosing between different brands (some cruelty-free!) but there are no guarantees that you will get a completely cruelty-free box. I didn't know that at the time, so when my September bag came I was upset to see I had a mascara from Revlon in there. I emailed them and this is what they responded:

Hi Breanna,

Thanks for your interest in our Glam Bags! A lot of our brand partners do make only vegan and cruelty-free products, but at this time we can’t guarantee that every one of your bags would contain only those products.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Your feedback helps us make ipsy better for everyone! And if we have enough demand for a vegan bag every month, we'll do our best to make it happen.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else!

(names are excluded)

While I appreciated their response and loved the products I would get, having to research each company to make sure they were cruelty-free became a hassle and a good friend of mine told me about Petit Vour. For $5 more than Ipsy you get luxury vegan beauty products! While I am not a vegan, I do intend on becoming one and am always interested in finding new companies. So here are the goodies I got this month!

1. PACIFICA Devocean Natural Lipstick | $14
This color is everything. Ugh. It is the a few shades above nude, which I can never master, and leaning towards a darker pink, which I don't usually like because I never know how I like it with my skin color, but this lipstick just got it right. So happy I got it! 

2. FLO + THEO Body Butter | Full-size, $28
This butter is amazing! Very smooth and thick but not too thick; I think it has a great body butter consistency, actually. I have also been on an I-want-everything-lavender kick lately and there are only five ingredients! All of which, of course, are not tested on animals.

3. FORAGER BOTANICALS Natural Eau de Parfum - Nectar | Full-size $98
I love floral, fruity smells that aren't too strong but aren't too light and this smell is very airy and pretty. It lingers for awhile which is awesome if you love natural scented perfumes that can last a few hours like I do. 

4. LAVINA Argan Oil | Full-size $20
I've heard so many cool things about argan oil but have yet to buy some. I've had Organix's argan oil and liked it but felt it was too heavy and greasy, but I loved the smell so I never looked anywhere else. I've since given that product to someone else because I found out they sell in China, so getting this is so cool! I love natural products for my hair and body and this oil is super moisturizing. It really makes my curls feel softer and healthier.

5. SHMIDT'S Natural Deodorant | Full-size $10
Okay, I used to use Tom's of Maine's deodorant but then I found out they were bought out by Colgate - who tests on animals - and have since used all of it up and needed a new one so I went to Trader Joe's, but have been meaning to find a deodorant I really like. Trader Joe's is unscented and I thought I would like that, but this smell is so good. It has a nice kick of lime and goes on great. 

After getting this box and researching the companies to make sure that they are not owned by any non-compliant parent companies, I emailed Petit Vour asking and they replied overnight:

Hi! My name is Breanna and I am a writer for a cruelty-free blog,, and am subscribed to your beauty box. I just got the October one and am in LOVE, but I have a few questions. I am trying to research the companies and while I know you are a cruelty-free company, I am curious if all of these companies have parent companies that may test on animals? Thank you in advance for your response!

They replied overnight - super fast, I might add - and said:

Hi Breanna!

No, they certainly do not! We wouldn't support that at all :)


The Petit Vour Team

And that's all! I definitely recommended these products and Petit Vour. I am so impressed with this company and cannot imagine running into any issues, but I will keep you posted on next month's box. Thanks for reading. :)

Lots of light,

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