Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Petit Vour Beauty Box: November 2014

Hi everyone! In my last post I mentioned my next post (this one) being about my Petit Vour box, but I ended up not getting it until last week. I had been waiting for it and received an email November 26th saying this:

Hi Lovely!

Your November Petit Vour box was shipped with our most recent shipment! We apologize for the delay with your tracking information. The recent “snowmaggedon” stretching across the US  is clogging up some of the shipping channels for our lovely brands and for our outgoing mail. Your box was scheduled to go out toward the end of last week but was delayed until this Monday. We apologize for any weather related delays while your package is traveling.

Your tracking number is '9274899999888103353084 and you can track your package at[UNIQID].

Stay safe and warm! And we hope you love your PV box!


The Petit Vour Team

I tried tracking it a week later and ended up contacting them via twitter and they told me to email their customer service team, so I did and got this response: 

Hi Breanna!

We're sorry that your tracking information isn't loading. Since our shipping carrier picks up thousands of boxes at a time, sometimes a box will get put on the truck without getting scanned, so the tracking doesn't upload into the system. Most of the time when this happens, the box is delivered normally even though the tracking is missing, but it is also possible that the box was lost in transit (typically 1/1000 boxes wind up being lost in transit). We're very sorry the tracking wasn't loaded with your box this month. That would be very frustrating after waiting for your box to arrive!

If your November box isn't delivered by Friday, we'll open an inquiry with DHL to determine the box's location. This typically only takes 24 hrs and if need be we'll have a replacement shipped with expedited shipping. Expedited shipping typically arrives in just a few days. And, though it won't help your box arrive sooner, we've added 250 PV Points to your account for the tracking issue. Rest assured we'll get your November box to you. We hope you love it!


The Petit Vour Team

I thought it was cool of them to add PV Points to my account but I couldn't help but question how my box just got lost. I know it happens and a lot of packages were getting shipped so I wasn't too upset, I just really wanted to post this!! So here goes. This month is called Natural Givers. Ashlee Piper from The Little Foxes - a compassionate lifestyle blog - partnered with them for these products.

1. AU NATURALE Creme Eye Shadow + Creme Concealer | Full-sizes, $24 + $20
When I was trying the eye shadow on I didn't really know how to feel because I've never used creme eye shadow (I'm still new to this, I know), but it went on so smooth and wax-like and then I found out that it's made of plant-based oils and waxes! How cool! The color really sticks, and it's a gorgeous gold and I love neutrals. I don't use a lot of concealer but I ended up trying it one morning before work and I noticed it had a slightly pink undertone, which worked well with my complexion. Again, I don't really know much about concealer but it did make the dark circles under my eyes that morning appear lighter so there's that.

 2. LA FRESH Waterproof Makeup Remover | 24-Count Pouch, $10
I never use waterproof makeup. Ever. I used to because my eyes tear a lot but I could never find the right waterproof makeup remover and one time I literally could not get my mascara off for like three days so I just haven't used it, but I tried it for the first time in months and used these wipes that night to take it off and I loved them! 

3. EARTHBODY SACRED SKINCARE Dream Body Oil | Full-size, $23
I have been on a huge lavender kick lately. I think I wrote about it before, but I'm seriously obsessed. I use this lavender body lotion from Trader Joe's but they were ironically sold out of it  last night so I settled for a coconut lotion but I was still upset I didn't have anything lavender. I ended up checking the ingredients to this and lo and behold! - there's lavender oil in this! This oil has a very warm and smooth texture and absorbs easily. I love it.

Cranberry and plum colors have been my go-to all fall and winter long so I was super excited to get this! It wasn't too dark after the first application but if you keep applying it, it gets darker and even more rich. I use my sister as my test subject sometimes & this is how it looked on her:
Perfect, I know. Her review is that the color is beautiful and it looks beautiful on her lips; it feels soft and she wants me to order her her own. So, we both vote yes. 

Overall I am very happy with my beauty box this month! It came a week before December's beauty box so I'm working on that next, but I hope you all enjoyed this one. 

Lots of light, 

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  1. Hello, can I ask what shade the lip tint is? FGO have a number of different colours available. Thanks! :)